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Our Services

At HopeDose International we offer express service delivery which covers the following areas;
  1. Book Editing and Review
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Business Plan Development 
  4. Seminar Hosting
  5. Professional CV Development 
  6. Career Mentoring For High School And Undergraduate Student 
  7. Prospective Employee Assessment
  8. Personal Request Services
  • Book Editing and Review
We offer a professional editing service to be both writers and prospective writers in all fields. With us your book will be error free. 
  • Public Speaking and Seminar Hosting
Contact us for your events and conferences, as our team is always more than ready to deliver quality speeches and motivational talks to brighten up your events. Our Speaking engagements includes; Campus events, Religious gathering, Talk shows and special request appearance. 
Please note that bookings must be made at least 72 hours before the event. 
  • Business Plan Development 
We offer a professional business plan development for start up companies. This will contain the business scope, aim and objectives, finace and equity management, contegency plan, and lots more. With a Business Plan from HopeDose Consultancy, your business/company is good to go. 
  • Professional CV Development 
Our well trained Human Resources Managers will guide you into developing a job killer CV. All you need do is to make an oder by providing your details including a passport photograph, through the email address
  • Career Mentoring For High School And Undergraduate Students
It's no longer a story that to most students out there, academic success remain a big deal. Success don't just happen but it is caused. Working with us on a regular basis will provide you with all the materials and motivation you need in other to excel academically. SAY GOODBYE TO BUYING OF TEXTBOOKS as it will be our responsibility to provide you with all you need. Sounds too good to be true? Give it a try. 
  • Prospective Employees Assessment
Our Human Resources Managers assist employers to conduct a good interview in order to select zealous and we'll trained employees for any reputable organization.
  • Personal Request Services 
In this category, our clients can specify clearly the area that our services are needed. Please note that this has to be in agreement with our ethics and values 

Contact us for any of the listed service above as we are more than ready to work with you. Thanks for your patronage

Tel: +2347060543620


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