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The Fundamental Principles of Excellence

Life is interesting. And what make it even more interesting are the choices we had to make on daily basis. These choices gradually lead us to the path of discovering our vision in life. Spontaneously, we start having this urge to do something, to be something or to be someone and it’s always a feeling one could hardly explain. There are factors that directly affect our day to day activities. Three are: Purpose, Ambition and Vision. These three factors (purpose, vision and ambition) are interrelated as one depends on the other. 
I could remember years ago in my secondary school days and in my final year to be prĂ©cised. The principle amidst his speech on the assembly ground, asked us a very intimidating question. He said: “where do you see yourselves ten years from now?” immediately after hearing this, in my standing position thoughts begin to rush into my brain. The question captivated my thought. Ten years from now? I asked myself over and over again. I heard some of my classmate murmu…