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5 Reasons People Give Up On Their Dreams

Life can be so funny at times and very tricky. You don’t always or hardly get the chance to know what happens next. Everyday, we are faced with task. We dream so much, that we have so much achieving. 
We all have dreams, aspirations, and fancy thoughts. But most of this dreams and aspirations remains a fantasy basically because of one reason or the other. The sole reason is that people give up so easily.  We have so many buried potentials. Some at the edge of breakthrough, some at the development stage. Look around you and you will be amazed at what you see. So many people started with a burning desire, a passion indescribable, and a well determined success oriented mindset. But where are they today? They choose to give up!

JK Rowling’s famous book, Harry Potter was rejected by 26 publishers before she finally got published. Some even advised her to change the content. But she didn’t. Your dream is your dream and it doesn’t have to be clear to others, exactly how it is to you. JK Row…