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Meet the 29 year old Nigerian Professor, who dumped seminary for writing at age 16

One of the most important things in life to the ability to identify what you really want. You need to know what you want and be courageous enough to pursue it. The moment you miss out of this life changing tool, you will find yourself in the maze of life and it will be very difficult to find your way out. I wrote in one of my previous articles: 8 Golden Rules to help you make the Right Choice. The article was published on one of the prominent news portals in Nigeria ( and countless websites. It shed more light on how one can make the right choice in life, using the 8 golden rules specified. But one thing that was missing in the article is the power of self-determination. You might be wondering; what do I mean by self-determination?

Self-determination is the power or ability to make a decision for oneself without influence from outside i.e. without any form of compulsion from an external body. Age, ethnicity, family background and level of exposure, are not an excuse in maste…