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As a child, we all had someone to look up to either secretly or openly. We desperately wants to be like someone, talk like someone, walk like someone (by even practicing the walking steps). The feelings go on and on. If you’ve passed through your childhood days without having any of these feelings, then I will call you random.
When you have someone you look up to, most of your energy is drawn from the accomplishments of those you emulate. Emulation is a strong drive for success, that is why most destiny end up where they are today because of the people they choose to emulate at a point in their life.


Good emulation is like having a road map to your destination. This gives you signal of things you ought to do in order to accomplish all that you ever wanted. Whatever your dream maybe and whatever you want in life has been achieved by someone long before you. Make acquaintance with people who can affect your life positively, study them, and identify their weaknesses (work on their weaknesses and make it your strength). By carefully following in the direction of these individuals, you will definitely find yourself achieving what they have in a greater way. Sadly most people miss out of these good things the moment they choose to emulate the wrong people. Emulating the wrong people will attract negative vibes to your life and you will find yourself moving, but in a different direction far away from your goals.

Let’s take for instance the story of a young man travelling from Calabar to Lagos; the journey also marked his first trip out of the city of Calabar. No idea of where to turn to, as he completely trusted in his Google Map to lead him through the night to his destination. After few hours of traveling in the depth of the night, the Google Map announced to him of his successful arrival at his destination. Amazingly he thought to himself “is Lagos this close? Just 5 hours away”. He stepped out of his car feeling exited to be in Lagos for the first time ever. But unfortunately for him, his eyes caught a sign post close by, as he noticed he was somewhere in Lokoja, Kogi State. As confused as he can be, he kept wondering what really went wrong. After going through the Google Map, he then realized it was his entire fault due to an error that occurred as a result of a wrong click of destination.

As the car was moving he was busy taking all the necessary turns the map suggested to him. That is the power of emulation. He was moving but in a wrong direction. His experience is annoying and frustrating.
The moral lesson from the story above is for you to notice the difference between moving and moving in the right direction. When you decide to emulate someone blindly basically because of the physical features (things you can see). The things that are capable of restructuring your life are always deposited on the inside.

A friend of mine (Matthew Michael Prince), who happens to be a very good artist, was sharing with me what motivated him to take artistry very seriously. At a very tender age he was opportune to lay his hand on the biography of Leonardo-Da-Vinci. Leonardo’s life inspired him greatly. He was moved with the fact that Leonardo succeeded in more than fifteen different fields including artistry, with the painting of Jesus Christ and his disciples during the last super and the painting of Mona Lisa amongst others. He studied Leonardo very closely an emulated him with good motive of becoming greater than him. Today he is successful in more than four different fields and still counting. His specializations includes Artistry, Music, Science, and Cinematography (been awarded the best Cinematographer and Editor by HD Film Academy in 2013). He believed he can achieve anything he puts his mind into and he is always mindful of the signs and signals through the life of Leonardo.

There is a difference between wanting to be like someone and actually working towards how you can be like that person or even more than. There is no limit to what you can achieve in life, if you follow the right way. Emulating someone is good. But you need to learn how to emulate someone with good reasons. I was in a seminar and I happened to be one of the guest speakers. I happened to be delivering a speech on mentorship. So I pointed at a young man and asked; “who is your role model?” then he replied and said “Abacha”. I was surprised to hear him say that. So I asked him why Abacha and he said; “because of the money he looted. Till now his family is still leaving lavishly”. For minutes I was staring at him short of words and also trying to avoid a direct confrontation in order not to embarrass him in public. So I gave him my complimentary card. He called me in the evening of that same day and with the help of God, I was able to change his perception about having a role model.

If you have someone that you greatly admire, don’t be attracted to the person’s outlook rather be attracted to his/her personality or inner quality.
Lay your hands on materials that can positively impact your life concerning the achievements of the person you admire. If the person is well known, read his/her biographies or motivating articles about him/her.
Do a thorough research on how you can meet up with the person you admire either personally or through chat. And never let go of any slight opportunity you might have to meet them. It can be in the cafeteria, club, place of worship or even at an event. Approach them an ask if they have a moment. Don’t be shy to let them know how well you admire their work and how you have been greatly inspired by their work.
After gaining the privilege of meeting up with the person who you admire, learn to be discreet about the terms of your relationship. Don’t call asking for irrelevant financial assistance that might ruin your relationship. Maintain an appropriate distance

Know what you want, look for people who has achieved in that area and study them. Do not emulate Christano Ronaldo because of his fleet of cars. You might end up not having one. Emulate someone with the right reason. Study the person carefully by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Be more interested in what they have passed through before getting to where they are presently (that is where you will derive your own energy from). Always remember that there is a huge difference between moving and moving in the right direction. Past always holds the key to the future. Your past investment determines what you see in the future, so invest wisely.
Kelvin Oluseyi Eleta
C.E.O HopeDose International. Regional Manager of Afrocaribe Int'l Magazine

Kelvin Oluseyi Eleta is a professional career consultant and founder of HopeDose International. He is also the newly appointed Manager of Afrocaribe International Magazine. For counselling and consultation, contact +2347060543620 through calls and SMS and also feel free to reach him on WhatsApp. HopeDose offers services in the following areas; Speaking Engagements, Counselling, Project Management, Career Mentoring for High School and Undergraduate Students, and lots more.


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