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Is Schooling Different From Education?

I always ask young adults what they are really after. Is it education or certification? Checking the statistic all around the world, you will discover that most students don’t really know what education is. Which is why a common man on the street is always labeled as an illiterate without knowing that the knowledge he possessed supersedes that of the so called educated man. Going to school doesn’t make you an educated person, you are just a step ahead into becoming one. The truth is that most of us that has passed through school actually went for the certificate and not the knowledge. I can vividly remember my parents always advising me; “go to school, get good grades, and get a good job” Securing a good job has always been a principal factor why your parents tried so hard to engage you in schooling. But over time, I have come to disagree with this.

Schooling and education are two concepts that has been widely misinterpreted by all. These two concepts varies not only in attributes, b…