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The Agony of Mother Nature

The natural things that exists around us are not just referred to as Mother Nature for noting. From the definition of Mother, we know it's someone that gives life to her offspring through conception and birth.
These nature things around us are there to preseve our lives that is why we refer to nature as Mother Nature. There can be a perfect coexistence between humans and the rest of the ecosystem without any interference. 
What bothered me the most is the rate at which trees are going into extinction in our environment. During any major construction work, nature loses more tree on a daily basis which is so alarming and harmful to our ecosystem. This occure in all part of the earth and mostly Africa. Even the the desert encouraged area are not left out.  I can see tears in the eyes of Mother Nature weeping for the gradual extinction of this lovely organisms. But am happy to know that there are stil few once out there that believe in the preservation of Mother Nature and it's org…