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Mental Exercise (Your key to a productive mindset)

What is mental exercise? 
A lady deep in thought 

This is the act of performing a mental stimulating exercises in other to develop a well state of mind for proper reasoning. This is of importance if you really want to be productive in life. Having a success mentality even while failing shows that you are qualified for success later in life. The way you picture yourself matters a lot. Am going to be sharing with you two of the most powerful mental exercise that has been of benefits to me and my career as well. 

  • Google Search Exercise
A man surfing the internet 

In my early 20s as an undergraduate, I had this mentality of a high profile personality. Someone that is known virtually all over the world. Despite the fact that I was here in Nigeria with a Facebook account that was hardly functioning as all I could afford then, was a 2go account. Nevertheless I held on to this mentality and never let go. In my own quite time I always do something totally out of point.  From time to time I do google my name to see if anything will just pop up, maybe magically or spiritually. My Friends do laughed at me for doing this and at times I got shameful. But I kept on doing this on a daily basis. Why do I always do this? Well I had my reasons back then.

Now here is the logic; 

Each time I googled my name it gives me an assurance that someday my name will flood the internet with different articles and publications about me and what I stood for. It helps me to believe in a greater picture. The funniest thing is the huge smile that do cover my face whenever I do this. I knew I was meant to do greater things, things far beyond my comprehension. Despite the fact that my name is out there on few websites, I still do this because am not yet satisfied because I know am far much bigger than this. Am sure google itself was definitely aware of my presence because I was and I am still a regular visitor. On a daily basis you browse through the internet reading about people and their achievements without getting tired. Have you even wondered how nice it will be if people are also reading about you? I guess not. 

You are able to read about Isaac Newton today because he made a mark in his own time. What will you be known for? What will be your acronym? How will you be described? These are questions you need to address for proper assessment. 
I called this a mental exercise. I bet you that you will be amazed with the tremendous results you stand to get as you do this. 

  • Productive Imagination 
Always save the best views in your mind. 

Of course there are good imaginations and bad imaginations as well. But on this subject matter, am referring to the good one. Which one is good? 
If you are poor right now and you are always imagining how you bought a house and a nice car for yourself, then that’s definitely a good imagination.

Now, let’s see how this works;

Some people call this day dreaming but I call it “my secret office” because it's where all of my ideas are cooked up before any implementation. Whenever am invited to any event for speaking engagements, the first thing I always do is to spend time imagining myself on stage and my message as well. 
I was sharing these secret with a friend of mine and I made mentioned that I already know the appointed time to do most of the important things in my life. He laughed at me and been this religious type he asked me if am God. My response was short and simple and of course in a religious approach I said “am not God but am created in His image and likeness. And if imagination makes us God, why does it exist at all?” After asking him this question he was mute. 

Now this is the problem with most of us. We see religion as an excuse not to take responsibility for most of the things happening in our lives. It’s true that God said worried not about tomorrow, but let me ask you; do you see it anywhere in the Bible or Quran where we are asked not to think? My dear it’s better to think than to stink in ignorance. Imagination gives you an edge of things you are capable of achieving. Before I became a writer, I imagined it and in my thought there was this feeling of satisfaction. Aristotle said; “the shortest route to the future is through imagination”, Albert Einstein also said; “imagination is more important than knowledge” now for a brain box like Albert Einstein to say something like this, it shows how he really valued it and of coarse how it has contributed to his research and accomplishments. 

One good thing about imagination is that you get to be who you want to be and there are no limitations to what your mind can comprehend through a productive imagination.
How to engage in a productive imagination 
  1. Have a well defined set of goals and objectives 
Clearly write down your goals and objectives. Don’t just imagine it, you need to be it. This is the first step as it defines who you really are and who you intend to become later in life. Don’t be like a monkey jumping from tree to tree without a particular destination. It is better to actually know what you want. 

   2. You need to believe

The most important aspect of imagination is having faith in your willpower. Believe means to think that something is true or possible although you are not completely certain. You need to believe to backup your imagination or else you will just be daydreaming. The willpower to achieve those things you imagined is already there in your mind. You just need to believe. 
These are the major requirements for a productive imagination. Imagination does not require you be sit in a quiet spot or a specific time in a day. You can do this anywhere, any day and anytime. Your thoughts don’t have to be realistic but creative. 
Imagination have the power to bring to manifestation all your creative ideas if you work on it. When you imagine things that you want in life, you are projecting your subconscious mind into the future and your subconscious mind begin to align your thoughts by constantly reminding you of your vision in other to work towards its achievement.
The mindset of a productive and a destructive thinker 

Engage in this mental exercises and fortify your mind into achieving greater heights. There are no limitations to what you can achieve here on earth only if you know how. 
I was on the street of Abuja on a faithful Monday morning and I couldn’t help but noticed a red Ferrari quietly siting in a parking lot. That was not my first time of seeing a Ferrari but this was different. I quickly imagined myself driving in the car, in fact I took my time to feel the leather seat as I held on to the wheel, I even went as far as taking a ride with my future wife on a sunny Saturday morning. This was happening all in my mind. This all this with full assurance I smile and said “someday I will own a Ferrari”

That statement was the confirmation seal that it will definitely happen. If you admire, desire or imagine good things please never forget to confirm it with your words.

What is your worth? Do you really have one? Do you even know who you are or who you want to become? Having a clearer picture of what you want in life is the ultimate step to success. The saying goes that “as a man thinks, so he is” well this is actually true. But the fact remains that you might actually be far different from the way you think or the way you see yourself. It’s just that you are ignorant of your true nature.  

As I always say; “it is better to live in your thoughts than to be homeless”
Thank you for reading this article. Do share this with your friends and loved ones. Remain ever blessed. 

By: Kelvin Oluseyi Eleta 


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