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Mental Exercise (Your key to a productive mindset)

What is mental exercise? 
This is the act of performing a mental stimulating exercises in other to develop a well state of mind for proper reasoning. This is of importance if you really want to be productive in life. Having a success mentality even while failing shows that you are qualified for success later in life. The way you picture yourself matters a lot. Am going to be sharing with you two of the most powerful mental exercise that has been of benefits to me and my career as well. 
Google Search Exercise
In my early 20s as an undergraduate, I had this mentality of a high profile personality. Someone that is known virtually all over the world. Despite the fact that I was here in Nigeria with a Facebook account that was hardly functioning as all I could afford then, was a 2go account. Nevertheless I held on to this mentality and never let go. In my own quite time I always do something totally out of point.  From time to time I do google my name to see if anything will just pop up, m…

The Three Magical Words

These three magical word stands as a gift to humanity. It usher you into a realm you are not even qualified for. Let’s start by explaining what these three magical words really are; but before that, there is need to know that if you are not used to one, you will fine it difficult to use the remaining two and also there is need to overcome PRIDE, as that is the only thing that can hinder you from using these words effectively. An arrogant man will find it extremely difficult to use any of these words as they always believe that all they have is by their wisdom and might. These words and their applications are briefly explain below; 
THANK YOU (magical word number 1)

This is a word that exists in all languages spoken on earth. Everyone born under the sun is aquinted with the use of this word. Saying thank you qualifies you to receive another kind gesture (which I called unmerited favor). We all want to feel appreciated in everything that we do. This word nurtures our ego, it gives us as…

Four Reasons Smart People Do Dumb Things

You might be surprised to hear that exceptionally intelligent people do some exceptionally silly things.

Did you ever have a conversation with someone where you realized that you were talking to someone who was much smarter than you?

I’ve met some genuinely brilliant people in my time – people whose intelligence has truly humbled me. But one thing I’ve also noticed when spending time with people of that level is that they often do silly things that we mere mortals would never do.

Once I took a very intelligent individual to the gym with me, and this person started doing their exercises with the most ridiculous form. I tried to explain that the way he was doing his exercises would be more likely to do him an injury than get him in shape, but he just wasn’t willing to listen to advice and stubbornly kept on aiming for a hernia.

What could I possibly know that he didn’t?

Well, it turns out that this isn’t just something I’ve imagined. After doing some research, I found out that unusually…