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Who Is In Charge? The Choice Is Yours To Make.

As young adults we all have ambitions, we all have things we want to achieve in life. But as time passes by the choices we made, one way or the other take us of course far away from what we truly want. Where you are today is a reflection of the choices you have made in the past. What you have today interns of properties or even people that surrounds you, are all a reflection of the choices you’ve made. 
Your Choice creates your destiny. I always like to call it the architect of our existence in life. Things don’t just happen, we cause them to happen. You and I are responsible for every little thing that is going on in our life. 
Going down the memory lane, back to the very beginning when everything was still as innocent as it can be. There is a ground design. There are laid down rules that are never meant to be broken. Laws of nature are there to guide us in every of our activities here on earth. But there is one single thing that the creator decided to live in our hands, we are at liberty to use it in whatever way we pleased. CHOICE is the only thing we have in life, that is truly ours. Choice can be defined as an act of choosing between two or more possibilities. These possibilities are real life events that can be so intimidating and unrealistic. 
Right from when you were a child, you are at liberty to make your own choices. Whatever decision you make in life determine what will manifest in your life. That is why your life is your ideology because you alone is responsible for all the choices you have ever made. Before you blame anyone for what you are going through in life, take a pause and have a deep thought, then you will come to realize that what you are passing through is totally dependent on the choices you’ve made, either consciously or unconsciously. The moment you learn to stop blaming others for your mistakes, is the moment you start growing.
Why do people struggle in life? The answer is very simple; people struggle in life because of lack of the ability of making the right choices. When you lack this quality, be prepare for battle in the journey of life. There is always a battle to fight but when you are able to make the right choices, he battles becomes easier for you to win. 
How can you make the right choices? 
1. Avoid hasty decisions 
One of the easiest way to miss out of the good things in life is getting attached to hasty decisions. When you always refuse to consider other options, but always seems comfortable with what is at hand. I have seen friends backing this up with; “a bird at hand is worth ten in the bush”, is not as if the adage is wrong, but you are definitely using it in the wrong way. A bird at hand is better, but it is wisdom to search for other birds in the bush (keeping the one you have very safe), who knows what you might find.

2. Flee away from wrong counsel 
I always enjoy the saying; “be a master of your thoughts, but a slave to your conscience”. The one and only true counselor you can get is your conscience. Your conscience is always there with you, always ready to work with you. But so many of us at times find it very difficult to believe or agree with what our inner weakness is always trying to tell us. Because of these lack of trust in your conscience, you tends to seek for other options. Two things are involved when you seek for advice from anyone. It is either they lead you in the right way,  or they lead you to destruction. The choice is always yours to make. 

3. Be open minded
You need to be as transparent as possible in your decision making. Don’t be too cloudy or too rigid. Avoid struggling with your inner weakness for any reason. Whenever you are about making any decision in life,  options will pour in. You will be as confused as a caged rat. This is when you need to consider every possible options and always remember that at times, the best option is not always the right choice to make. 

4. Have a fall back plan
Don’t base your life’s decisions on; “it’s either this way or no way”. Always have a contingency plan (some call it plan B) 
5. Sleep over it
Cultivate the habit of giving your decisions a second thought even when your mind is already made up. The best time to achieve this is when all your organs are fully at rest and we’ll relaxed. Using thirty minutes to go through your thoughts before going to bed is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. Get use to it

6. Identify your stand
What a pity that most people in life don’t really know where they stand when it comes to decision making. You constantly allow people to play around with your emotions. In fact you become vulnerable when you find it very difficult or rather maybe scared to make use of  the words “Yes/No”. As an adult if you are more used to statements like; “what do you think”, then my prayer is that; “may God help you”.
 The ability to say Yes/No does not only determine your true stand,  but it also show that you are in total control of your decisions and people around you will respect you for that.

7. Don’t ignore the power of a background check 
Before or after you decide on doing something, always check for loop holes. One thing is, people has done exactly what you are about to do. The only thing you have to do is for you to find out how they succeeded and also take note of their mistakes in other for you to avoid them.

8. Check for the signs 
At the verge of making any decision in life, the signals are always there to help you decide on what to do. The mistake we all make is ignoring those signs, paying little or no attention to them. Take for instance while traveling, the road signs are there to guide you through your journey and to help you arrive at your destination safely. So also we have these signs in a real life setting. Be wise enough not to ignore these signs, but to use them in every way possible. If you ignore the road signs be sure to miss your way,  be sure to miss the opportunity of making the right choice. 
The choices you make has a lot to do with your personality, it reflects your true identity. I once pick up a friends phone and after going through the applications on the phone,  I was able to know that his has a thing for reading as almost all the applications on his phone is about one book or the other.  The choices you make is who you are. Don’t live your life waiting for fate to determine what happens in your life, you’re responsible for the choices you make. No one else is. It’s your decision, it’s your call. 
The house you live in is your choice. The car you drive is your choice. You hangout with certain people because you chose to. You are successful because you chose to and you are unsuccessful because you choose not to push harder. There is more to life and it all has to do with the choices you make. Think it through before you seek for advice and try hard to stick to your decision. Apply these basic principles and of will never have to struggle with making the right choices. 
Thanks for reading this article, I hope it helped you as untended. Do come back for more and Kindly share these with your friends and loved ones. 

As written by: Kelvin Oluseyi Eleta
©2016 HopeDose Int’l.


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