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Distinguishing Schooling From Education (The Leonardo Experience).

A typical example of a classroom
Schooling and education are two concepts that has been widely misunderstood by all. These two concepts varies not only in attributes, but also in contextual meaning. Many of us go to school and we see schooling as education (It happened to me also before I realized my stand), so we allow our knowledge to be based solely on what we were thought in school without any advancement plan. I do tell my colleagues that, a professor is only considered an expert in his own field. But once he steps outside his jurisdiction, he become a total novice. Schooling is good and education is fantastic. Both are of great importance and in other to survive in our world today, we certainly can’t do without both. That is where the issue of contradiction comes into existence and needed to be addressed. There is a need to be able to distinguish between these two concepts and have a clearer understanding of how not to contradict them in any situation.
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What is Schooling?
According to Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary, schooling is the education received at school. This kind of education has been in existence decades or even centuries before you were born. It’s a programmed education system that has put many in bondage and has hindered a lot of people from discovering their true potentials. This is because the system offers many comfort that makes lots of people feel secure without seeking for more, but they will rather sit back and enjoy the benefits attached.
Benefits attached to schooling includes;
  1. Job security
  2. Professional recognition
  3. Standard way of life
  4. Sense of belonging
  5. Level of exposure within area of specialization
  6. Making your parents or sponsor proud
All these benefits are enjoyed by those that are determined to play it safe, those that chose to see schooling as education, these benefits are merely an illusion to keep us in check and probably prevent you from going after your dreams. I won’t deny the fact that having all these benefits is called "living a good life", but it is far from living a fulfilled life. Go to school, acquire all the information needed but never stop educating yourself. Knowledge are impacted while schooling, but these are in basics and not deep enough compared to what you truly need.

What is education?
Education is the process of learning and improving of knowledge (underline that word ‘improving’). That word is basically the major difference between schooling and education. Schooling has no or little room for improvement, but there is always a room for improvement in education. Now this is why both schooling and education are of importance because without a basic knowledge through schooling, there will be noting to improve on when trying to educate yourself. Before you can improve on something, there must be a foundation and the foundation here is schooling. Lay a concrete foundation by going through the process of schooling but afterwards concentrate on educating yourself the more which will bring about improvement and fulfilment. Education is far from having certificate and all the necessary qualifications. Why is it that way? This is because schooling will impose on you an area of specialization, which will technically restrict your hunger for knowledge and diverting all of your attention and energy only to your own jurisdiction. But education on the other hand gives room for as many specialization as possible. Am a statistician by profession, but I read books on Economics, Law, Medicine, Political Science, Philosophy, only to mention but few. This is typical example of a proper education. I find myself totally useful anywhere the issue of economy is been addressed, or when it comes to politics. That is how it should be. Education guaranty all these without any contradiction. 
A man in a study room
Differences between schooling and education.
  1. Schooling is done within walls, education is not
  2. In schooling you must have a jurisdiction, education offers you an unlimited time to know almost anything.
  3. Schooling has a timeframe, education does not (education is a lifetime process. You can never stop learning)
  4. In schooling teachers are selected. In education everybody or anything you come across is your teacher
  5. Schooling will cost you. Education is free
  6. Schooling will get you access. Education will get you assets.
  7. Schooling offers a broad knowledge based on your area of specialization. Education offers knowledge on any area you picked interest in. 
Leonardo Da Vinci.
Let's consider the life a man who dedicated his entire life unraveling the mystery behind education. Leonardo Da Vinci born on April 15, 1452 in the Republic of Florence (present day Italy). Leonardo as widely called, was a man of intellect. He was an Italian polymath, whose area of interest includes; painting, invention, music, sculpting, science, mathematics, astronomy, botany, writing, history, architecture, geology, cartography, engineering, and literature. Leonardo was an addicted learner and at a very tender age, he was able to distinguish schooling from education. Been a major contributor to more than fifteen different fields, Leonardo never had the chance to visit any institution of learning as he was home tutored and apprenticed by his father at the age of fifteen. His art works includes; the painting of The Last Super and Mona Lisa amongst other paintings. He is known for the sketch of many scientific drawings and even in automobile. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton idolised him and regards him as a great mind. Albert Einstein learned from his work and even kept his portrait on his wall until his death. Leonardo was able to achieve all this because he chose not to limit his mind or his ability to what schooling as to offer instead he invested in himself by educating himself on different subject matter. He was not after been a professor or a renown scholar, because he known that a professor is limited to his field. A for apple will remain A for apple till kingdom comes. You need to identify the purpose of schooling in other not to allow it interfere with your education.

What is the purpose of schooling and education?

Through schooling, you are able to identify your weakness, identify your strength, and self discovery. The smart once always drop out of school immediately they are able to achieve this. All they do is develop those strength attributes and look for ways to overcome their weaknesses. Am not in support of dropping out of school (I am also a degree holder), all am saying is that releasing these facts above to them makes schooling irrelevant to their interpersonal development. They focus more on education and forget about schooling and keep on developing themselves through various channels of learning. Look around you today and you will come to agreement with me that, the so called dropout are the once living a life of fulfilment. The likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (before his death) are good examples. 
The purpose of schooling from generation to generation remains the same (to identify your weakness, to identify your strength, and for self discovery) but only few among multitude are aware of this. They simply take schooling to be education and play it safe, instead of exploring there true potentials and live a fulfilled life. This is why the graveyard will remain the richest plot of land in term of natural resources, because the abilities to do great things which is naturally given by God is mostly buried due to lack of self discovery through schooling and lack of development through education. While the purpose of education is basically for improvements.

Always keep the river of knowledge flowing. Refresh it day in and day out and also remember that it is not a must for you to know everything but it is necessary for you to know little about everything. You might not be a football fan, but chose not to be ignorant about football. You might despise politics, but if in your presence others should be airing their views on politics and you are unable to contrite not even a sentence, immediately you will be labelled ignorant no matter how intelligent and exposed you are on other subjects. Knowing little about everything is true knowledge and a concrete definition of an educated person. You can be done schooling but you can never be through with education. 

My advice for you is…
Never let schooling interfere with your education.
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Writing by: Kelvin Oluseyi Eleta
©HopeDose Int’l 2016


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