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An reasonable amount of time has been spent to study these two types of personality traits. They varies in a lot of ways and most people always find it difficult to actually determine which side they truely fall. This article is to help you figure out how you can achieve this in other for you to come to a self realization.

When given a particular task to execute, a doer will only ask how much time needed and will get to work immediately without wasting any time. But this does not apply to a thinker as he/she will be thoroughly interested in so many things before conceding. Things like; for what purpose must I do this?, why must it be me?, are there no others?, what do I stand to gain?, why must we do this in the first place? This scrutinizing process will go on an on before conceding, which may eventually lead to non execution of the task due to delay in action. 

So many of us are more than perfect when it comes to reasoning, but we become so weak and helpless interns of proper execution of our ideas. 

Take for instance in a situation of three armed robbers attacking two gents. One is a thinker and the other is a doer. The thinker and the doer are also armed but their weapons were hidden under their sleeve shirt. And it happens that the robbers was about shooting at them and the only chance they have at surviving is to act first by pulling the trigger before the robbers does and of which they are at a higher advantage been that the robbers are unaware of them been armed. Immediately as the chance occur, the DOER pulled out his gun gunning down two of the robbers without hesitation. Also the THINKER pulled out his gun simultaneously but with a pulse pointing the gun at the robber with his hands on the trigger. As he pulsed he DOER keep shouting; "shoot him, pull the trigger, don't be a weakling", but the thinker was deep in thought. During this few seconds of pulse, tens of questions has gone through the thinker's mind. And his like; "what will be the legal consequence?, what if I killed him?, he might have a family, but he will kill us anyway, what if I shot him on the leg?, no I can't do that! Two of his friends are dead and we will be in trouble for killing them. Its better I kill him" then he pulled the trigger and they both escaped.

Taking a look at these two individuals, we can see clearly how hard it is for a THINKER to get things done easily. Most especially when they really need to without hesitation. We can't do without these two personality traits in our society as both are of much importance when operating mutually. Are you a THINKER or a DOER? only you can answer this question. No one else can, except you.

1. Thinkers are comfortable fellows. They sit on their ideas for ages comfortably deliberating whether it should be executed or not.

2. Thinkers are idea oriented. They can boast of numerous ideas on different account. They have ideas pumping in their brain on a daily basis but very slow in its execution, as action is always the last option in their plans.

3. Thinkers are not risk lovers. They try as much as possible to avoid risk and failure, by working there way to success strategically. 

4. Thinkers are idle people. Yes I see them as an idle set of individuals, but they are always in defensive of this particular attribute. I called them idle because they sit comfortably at a spot for hours fantasizing without been conscious of time and their schedules. These are attributes of an idle person.

5. Thinkers are multitask in nature. They have the intellectual capability of executing more than one task at a particular time, as necessary steps has been taken interns of reasoning as to avoid all risk and to eliminate failure.

6. Thinkers are less experienced. They are less experienced because they have little or no failure story to really learn from as they always try their possible best to avoid failure. Remember the saying that; it is the gravity of your failure that determine the level of your experience. 

7. Thinkers tends to procrastinate. Whenever they delay in the execution of a particular project, all they say is; it's not yet time. They think, think and think and eventually forget to act. This makes thinkers a relaxed procrastinators.

8.Thinkers tends to live in the future. They belief in the word; 'there is a better tomorrow' and I always ask in return, "how about now?" Ignoring whatever that might be happening around them just because they see a better tomorrow ahead. So confident of their thoughts and premonitions, they build their castle in the air without a proper foundation and pillars to hold it up. Forgetting that what you do now, is what actually sustains your future.

1. Doers are quick to action. Once faced with a task they do everything possible to accomplish it as fast as possible. Doer actually act before reasoning, which increases their speed in handling problems. But this limits them as they quickly jump into conclusion without proper reasoning.

2. Doers live a life of now. It's not as if doers don't plan, but act as they plan. They live a life of now by doing what they can to secure they future they are craving for. A doer pays good attention to whatever that is happening around them that can lead to a better tomorrow.

3. Doers are single tasked. I called them an idea for an action. Once they have an idea, they go after it immediately.

4. Doers are risk lovers. Their level of failure is always higher than their level of success. A doer is a risk tanker (but uncalculated risk). They are always eager to succeed without proper success plan.

5. Doers don't procrastinate. Their quick action attribute automatically overrides the tendency for them to procrastinate. 

These attributes above are just to mention but few, as it varies in individuals. These two personality traits are very powerful. I have seen companies around the world making use of this to their own advantage as they hire thinkers and doers, and have them work as a team in other to achieve there organizational goals. A thinker is the idea box, while a doer is the execution chamber.

Am not trying to condemn any of the two personality traits, but my recommendation is that; after accessing yourself and you are now sure which side you fall, try to develop the attributes of the other. Been a doer and a thinker makes you a hot commodity in our world today. Name any inventor you can think of, the likes of; Blaise Pascal, Thomas Edison, William Addis, Graham Bell, and so on. These are all great thinkers and doers.

How can you become a thinker and a doer at the same time?
The simplest answer possible is for you to blend both attributes together. Using the strength of the one for the weakness of the other. Once you can bring your ideas into a reality, then you are a thinker and also a doer. What makes a good doer is the ability to think and act and what makes a bad doer is the ability to act but without thinking.

Be a good thinker to always strategies your way to success and also be a good doer to always act as you think, in other to kill procrastination. Learn to blend both attributes together as the weakness of one is the strength of the other and the strength of the other is the weakness of one.

Thank you for reading. Help promote our course by sharing with your friends and love ones.
With love from HopeDose int'l.



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