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Social media as we all know has been a source of companion to countless of people out there. As it also stand that most of this individual are continually digging up pot holes for themselves through their mode of interactions on social media. There is this friend of mine that can’t do a single thing without publishing it on social media. His always in obsession with what his friends on social media will have to say.  Each time you go for a job interview, what you always hear your potential employer say is; “I will get back to you or I will call you” so you go back home excited and with full assurance that the job is yours. But after waiting for a very long period of time, you start wondering; “what is going on? I was the best candidate interviewed. I should have been called back by now!” you kept on wondering without a valid conclusion and you just don’t know what really happened. What really happened that you were never called back was that immediately you left the interview hall, t…

7 Requirements To Get That Dream Job

Job hunting can be so overwhelming and also frustrating. But if you are able to follow these seven basic steps I can guarantee you that the job you seek will definitely come.  Knowing what to do and doing it, is what I called self discipline. It also applies that the  ability to get what you want, when you want it, Is what I called living a fulfilled life without stress or anxiety to succeed. Let’s go to today’s business which is; seven basic requirements to get that dream job of yours. Of course before dreaming of getting a good job you must at least have a degree or a relevant qualifying certificate to begin with. There is no one out there that is willing to work with an illiterate or offer a position In their company to someone who is less qualified.  What are the seven requirements? 1.Have a job killer CV Most graduates out there don’t really know what most human resources managers are really looking out for in a CV (curriculum vitae). A CV is meant to sell you to your potential …


An reasonable amount of time has been spent to study these two types of personality traits. They varies in a lot of ways and most people always find it difficult to actually determine which side they truely fall. This article is to help you figure out how you can achieve this in other for you to come to a self realization.
When given a particular task to execute, a doer will only ask how much time needed and will get to work immediately without wasting any time. But this does not apply to a thinker as he/she will be thoroughly interested in so many things before conceding. Things like; for what purpose must I do this?, why must it be me?, are there no others?, what do I stand to gain?, why must we do this in the first place? This scrutinizing process will go on an on before conceding, which may eventually lead to non execution of the task due to delay in action. 
So many of us are more than perfect when it comes to reasoning, but we become so weak and helpless interns of proper execu…

Why I owe it all to my dear Mom (a true life story)

As a little boy in my third term in primary three. I came running home from school on a faithful day after end of the term closure, screaming at the top of my voice. Shouting so loud that everyone in the neighborhood could hear me, as I was desperately looking for my mom everywhere. I just couldn't contained the joy I was feeling inside and couldn't wait to share the good news with her. Because I've made her proud for sure this time around (I thought to myself). On getting home, I met her absence, which increased my level of anticipation to see her and share the good news.
So I sat down at the entrance of the house expectantly with smiles all over my face. I waited patiently but she wouldn't come home. So about an hour and a half later, I stared towards the direction of her usual route and behold there she was. I felt a rush of adrenaline mixed with joy and excitement rush through my vain. So I rushed towards her few distance away from home. "Welcome ma'am. I…