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Running away from challenges is given an edge to life daring circumstances to overcome you and also denying yourself a true manifestation of the winning side of you. But once a particular challenge is been defeated, it is gone for life. Remember it is not the challenges you are facing that really matters but your attitude towards those challenges will determine whether you will overcome or not. Men of great valour embrace challenges and deal with it in the appropriate manner. But the weak at heart will always look for the easy way out. People who see challenges as an avenue of learning find it more easier to survive in the race of life. Look around you today and you will discover that the average number of quitters we have in our society today, are far greater than those who find their way to the apex. This is because at the long run only few was able to overcome all of their challenges. Only few refuse to be defeated. Only few chose to be distinguished from the quitters.

Make a decision today. Make a decision not to run away from challenges but rather, learn how to strategize on how to overcome it.

Quitting is not an option. Remember in ore lies an iron and in crude lies several tremendous products. Those challenges are breakthrough in disguise. Use them to your advantage and chose to stare your demon to the face. Challenges might set you back, but the fact that others finish before you doesn't mean you fail.

Quitters Vs Conquerors. Which side do you belong? What is your history? Why must you keep fighting? It all start with developing a mindset of a conqueror. How can you do that? I think a reminder of how everything got started might motivate you not to give up on your dreams. 
It all started years ago. At the very beginning. At the very moment of ejaculation, when the seed was planted. Whenever ejaculation occurs an average of 40 million to 400 million, and even 1.2 billion sperm cells are released, as it varied from male to male. All these sperm cells swam through the virginal wall in search of the fertile egg. Not knowing the exact location of the egg, these sperm cells got separated as some went through the first fallopian tube while some went through the other. So much competition, so much struggle between billions. Just for one egg and only one sperm cell is needed.

Eventually millions of sperm cells chose to give up on the way. They got slow and tired. Not fit enough for the race. They chose to give in because they can't see a chance of survival. But at the end of the race to the fallopian tube with the fertile egg, only one sperm cell survived. Only one sperm cell made it. And that is you. You have been a victor from the onset. You have won several unseen battles. So why quit now? You overcame billions. A population mightier than Africa as a whole. 

The power to overcome is in your DNA. It has been programmed there waiting for you to tap in. The key is your mindset. A mindset of a conqueror. Life has always been a competition right from the onset. Right from the very first seconds you were planted. So why quit now? Going through all this struggle to be fertilized. You were chosen in place of billions. You are important in your own way. So don't quit on your dreams choose to be a conqueror in every endeavors.

I hope this article helped you as intended. Please share with friends and loved ones. You can't tell, you might be saving a destiny. Thank you for reading up to this point. Do come back for more. If interested you can drop your contact for a closed WhatsApp group membership, (+2348120232417) in other to receive articles like this. Thanks

With love from, Kelvin Oluseyi Eleta
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