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As an entrepreneur, it is normal for you to lose some certain types of friends whenever you chose a more intimidating career. A career with a tremendous results potential, a career achievable and a career that is realistic. You as an idea box, a productive thinker and a commander of great thoughts, you are never to allow this kind of situation affects your game. Like a friend of mine always say, "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen". What you need in your life are people who can help you with your course. People who can point you to the right direction, and people who will celebrate you at every point in your life. It doesn't matter the number of years as friends, what matters the most is what virtue has been deposited during the course of this years.

Be focused on your goal. Be determined to achieve your target. Anyone who chose to exit your life at the verge of your breakthrough, is not meant to be in it in the first place. They can't take the heat because they are not sure what might become of them when all this results becomes visible. They will try everything possible to discourage you many times, they will try to stop you from leaving their circle. Say no to a career killing friends, say no to stealers of destiny and never be too scared of letting people out of your life. The world is too large for that, a world of approximately seven billion people is enough for you to make as many friends as possible. Friends that are willing and ready to help you achieve your goals. Friends who can really take the heat. Friends who won't be intimidated by your level of success but will rather celebrate you.

Stay focused. And get busy achieving those dreams of yours.

Team hopedose


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