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It was a beautiful Wednesday morning on October 2nd, 2002. Samuel as excited as anyone can be as he is set for a new life, a new adventure, and most of all new quest for knowledge. It was Samuel's first day to school. Dressed so smart and ready to go. "Bye mum" was all he could say as he dashed through the glass door in their sitting room to meet with his father who has been waiting for me in his 504 Peugeot car. They drove for hours to Samuel school, which is miles away. On getting to school after the necessary registration and payments, with the company of his dad Samuel was shown to his new hostel. He settled in and moments later the dad left with heavy heart mixed with joy. Samuel's first encounter was with a senior called Opemipo who was in his final year as at that time. Approaching Samuel, Opemipo said " junior come here. Please can I get twenty naira note from you? I will pay back as soon as I can". Samuel been a fresher and a free giver brought out a twenty naira note out of the 45 naira given to him by his dad as pocket money. Samuel gave the money to Opemipo without hesitation and they both went their separate ways. 
Time passed and Samuel was broke. Reluctantly he narrated what happened between himself and senior Opemipo to his good friend Oluwabunmi. "What a pity you let go of such a huge amount of money to someone who doesn't deserve your penny" said Oluwabunmi. "Now you are broke with no means of communicating with your parents. And even if you are to write to them it will take weeks for them to get your letter. So you need to go and see senior Opemipo and explain to him. Maybe God will touch his heart to give back to you, your twenty naira bill after two good months" Oluwabunmi concluded. "Thanks for your advice" said sober Samuel as they both went their separate ways. 

On a faithful Monday morning, Samuel set out to meet with senior Opemipo. Opemipo having noticed Samuel approaching, changed the structure of his face as he was discussing and laughing with his friends. "What do you want?" Asked Opemipo with a very harsh face structure. "I will like to see you privately sir" said young Samuel. After several minutes, Opemipo majestically moved towards where Samuel was standing. "Make it fast" said Opemipo. Without wasting time Samuel narrated what he had in mind to Opemipo of how desperate he needed back his money. "I have no money to give you Samuel" Opemipo said with a Frown on his face, as he continued in laughter "that money was my consultation fee for me not to beat up your ass while you are here in my territory". Proud Opemipo brought out three hundred naira and waved it to the air saying, " I have money but you can get none of it". Short of words, Samuel walked out of the scene without altering a word to Opemipo. 

Years passed. Exactly fourteen years interval. Opemipo been a fresh NYSC graduate walked into an interview room to defend his curriculum vitae for a job he has earlier applied for. Now let's back up a little. When Opemipo applied for the position of an accountant at one of the leading banks in the country, Samuel been the head of Human Resource Management, has already spotted the name of Opemipo and he immediately recalled all his experience with him years back. So with so much anticipation he has waited for this day to come. Now let's continue. "Good morning sir" Opemipo greeted closing the door behind him. Samuel sitting facing the door directly, recognised him immediately but Opemipo couldn't. Series of questions has been asked and Samuel is yet to say a word. "Mr Samuel sir, the decision is yours" said one of the panel members. "Mr Opemipo, is someone should borrow you a sum of money, how long will it take for you to pay back?". Asked Samuel. " immediately and definitely exactly when I promised to pay back sir" answered Opemipo. "How about collecting the sum of twenty naira from a small boy that needed it more than you do, and you refuse to pay back" Samuel asked again. "I can never do such a thing. In fact I have never borrowed not even a dime in my entire life" Opemipo replied. Waving Opemipo's employment letter, Samuel said "well you are here in my territory. This is your employment letter but you are not getting it". After hearing this statement was when Opemipo realised what exactly was happening and he immediately recalled Samuel's face. And he said to himself "impossible but how? Samuel its you, how comes?".
Samuel standing in his feet said to Opemipo "the road to success is like a stair case, so you can either climb a stair after each other or you can as well run as you climb. I choose to run and that is why I am here today and u are not. Have a nice day senior Opemipo. You are not meant to be here. You are not credible enough". These were Samuel's words as he walked away with Opemipo standing at the middle of the conference room soaked with tears. 

Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up. Be truthful in all your ways and always remember that you will always need someone to get to wherever you intend to be. Always be a good ambassador of yourself anywhere you find your self because, you don't know what tomorrow holds. 

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