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At times I look at people around me. Their lifestyle, composure in public, and choice of friends. My heart bleeds. I say to myself "what a glorious destiny going to waste". What are these people doing wrongly? In fact almost everything. They always forget to lookout for the road signs, life indicators, directional signals, pointers and lots more. Wherever you find yourself in life, you stand as an ambassador of your home, your family, your community, your state, and your country. This is why you can't just live the way you want and the way you fit pleased, because you will be letting millions of people down. We always have something to offer, don't let it go to waste. Be upright, be presentable, be an ambassador with good qualities. The world is patiently waiting for your manifestation, don't let billions down. You don't just tarnish your own image when you do something wrong, but u also tarnished that of your family, your community, your state, and your cou…


You claimed to be an ENTREPRENEUR but you've never taken any risk in your entire life. Not even ONCE. My dear STOP deceiving yourself and do something positive and productive with your life. ENTREPRENEUR by mouth. I fear for you, I fear for your feature, if you don't start getting your hands dirty.


As an entrepreneur, it is normal for you to lose some certain types of friends whenever you chose a more intimidating career. A career with a tremendous results potential, a career achievable and a career that is realistic. You as an idea box, a productive thinker and a commander of great thoughts, you are never to allow this kind of situation affects your game. Like a friend of mine always say, "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen". What you need in your life are people who can help you with your course. People who can point you to the right direction, and people who will celebrate you at every point in your life. It doesn't matter the number of years as friends, what matters the most is what virtue has been deposited during the course of this years. Be focused on your goal. Be determined to achieve your target. Anyone who chose to exit your life at the verge of your breakthrough, is not meant to be in it in the first place. They can't take the he…


What is your excuse to happiness? What is holding you back in experiencing a full time happiness? What's your story all about? Is it poverty, stagnation, or perhaps frustration. All this is never a factor for you to live a life full of happiness and laughter. Get out of that cage. Free your mind and chose to be happy. It is your right to be happy. No matter what it is you might be going through, no matter the situation you are in. Nevergiveuptoalways seek after happiness. Don't let your financial situation determine how happy you can be. It true that we all me money. But never allow money to be a principal factor in your life. Even the rich, those that already stinks with wealth still find it very difficult to be happy. So why must wealth be a factor after all?  Being happy stabilizes your mind. It refreshes you on the inside and it will make you to radiate from the inside in a glorious way. You can be happy just the way you are, only if you let yourself be. You alone hold the…

Always give a helping hand

Whenever you have an opportunity to give, just do it. Even if you have to inconvenient yourself by doing so. Don't be like a stagnant water. Remember, any stagnated water can only stink. So when you have more than enough and you don't give, as time goes on, you will start to stink and people around you will hate you for that. The truth is, if you want to be in control of your world and in control of people and situations around you, learn how to give. When you do so, you automatically have people under your control, and your life will be much easier. Affect lives, invest positively into peoples destiny. Live a life of mark and you will be remarkable. Someone out there is depending on you to reach out to him or her, don't hold back. Start giving, refuse to be a stagnant water and choose to flowHopeDose int'l

There is always a need for growth

Growth is self discovery, self realisation, and most of all developing your potentials. At HopeDose we help in achieving all this. If you really want to connect with yourself. Then you need to master how your mind operates. Guide what goes into your subconscious mind through your receptive organs. Your subconscious mind is your power house. That is where you draw all of your energy from and that is why you need to invest in it productively and not destructively. HopeDose int'l is always there for any assistance needed in this area. Contact us for your seminar and conference. HopeDose int'l


Stop Living a Porous Life Some are just so lose that they can hardly controls what goes in or out of their life. They allow circumstances and life scenarios to be a major determinant of their life situations.
Whenever you sleep blank without even taking a moment to visualise what tomorrow holds, you are definitely living a porous life. You allow your precious life to go by the popular phrase "God knows tomorrow". Yes God knows tomorrow and even beyond, but on your own path need to search for what tomorrow truly holds. Don't be an empty slate because when you are, life's circumstances will definitely fill it for you. Another scenario of a porous lifestyle is when you just allow anyhow friend or just anybody that you know fully well that he/she cannot add anything positive to your life, yet you allow such persons in and out of your life at ease. You need to realise that you are not meant to associate with just anybody that comes your way. That is why the need arises f…


It was a beautiful Wednesday morning on October 2nd, 2002. Samuel as excited as anyone can be as he is set for a new life, a new adventure, and most of all new quest for knowledge. It was Samuel's first day to school. Dressed so smart and ready to go. "Bye mum" was all he could say as he dashed through the glass door in their sitting room to meet with his father who has been waiting for me in his 504 Peugeot car. They drove for hours to Samuel school, which is miles away. On getting to school after the necessary registration and payments, with the company of his dad Samuel was shown to his new hostel. He settled in and moments later the dad left with heavy heart mixed with joy. Samuel's first encounter was with a senior called Opemipo who was in his final year as at that time. Approaching Samuel, Opemipo said " junior come here. Please can I get twenty naira note from you? I will pay back as soon as I can". Samuel been a fresher and a free giver brought out…