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The Fundamental Principles of Excellence

Life is interesting. And what make it even more interesting are the choices we had to make on daily basis. These choices gradually lead us to the path of discovering our vision in life. Spontaneously, we start having this urge to do something, to be something or to be someone and it’s always a feeling one could hardly explain. There are factors that directly affect our day to day activities. Three are: Purpose, Ambition and Vision. These three factors (purpose, vision and ambition) are interrelated as one depends on the other. 
I could remember years ago in my secondary school days and in my final year to be prĂ©cised. The principle amidst his speech on the assembly ground, asked us a very intimidating question. He said: “where do you see yourselves ten years from now?” immediately after hearing this, in my standing position thoughts begin to rush into my brain. The question captivated my thought. Ten years from now? I asked myself over and over again. I heard some of my classmate murmu…
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Life is in stages. No matter where you are now, you definitely started from somewhere. At some points, you were irrelevant; the society doesn’t really care what you did with your life. As life is in stages, so also life exists in generations. 
The generation we are in presently, is pretty different from the generation that existed 150 years ago. The scientists call this ‘Evolution’. No matter what, people learn to accept the changes and move on. When we talk about moving on, the developed countries have little or no worries at all. But to my dear African parents, they just want things to remain the way they were. They don’t want anything to change at all. This is not just from my own point of view, as we all can see the evidences from everything happening around us on a daily basis. I want to boldly say this without any form regret or whatsoever that, we the younger generation are not meant to right the wrongs of our older generations. 
A typical African parent should learn to live w…

5 Reasons People Give Up On Their Dreams

Life can be so funny at times and very tricky. You don’t always or hardly get the chance to know what happens next. Everyday, we are faced with task. We dream so much, that we have so much achieving. 
We all have dreams, aspirations, and fancy thoughts. But most of this dreams and aspirations remains a fantasy basically because of one reason or the other. The sole reason is that people give up so easily.  We have so many buried potentials. Some at the edge of breakthrough, some at the development stage. Look around you and you will be amazed at what you see. So many people started with a burning desire, a passion indescribable, and a well determined success oriented mindset. But where are they today? They choose to give up!

JK Rowling’s famous book, Harry Potter was rejected by 26 publishers before she finally got published. Some even advised her to change the content. But she didn’t. Your dream is your dream and it doesn’t have to be clear to others, exactly how it is to you. JK Row…

Meet the 29 year old Nigerian Professor, who dumped seminary for writing at age 16

One of the most important things in life to the ability to identify what you really want. You need to know what you want and be courageous enough to pursue it. The moment you miss out of this life changing tool, you will find yourself in the maze of life and it will be very difficult to find your way out. I wrote in one of my previous articles: 8 Golden Rules to help you make the Right Choice. The article was published on one of the prominent news portals in Nigeria ( and countless websites. It shed more light on how one can make the right choice in life, using the 8 golden rules specified. But one thing that was missing in the article is the power of self-determination. You might be wondering; what do I mean by self-determination?

Self-determination is the power or ability to make a decision for oneself without influence from outside i.e. without any form of compulsion from an external body. Age, ethnicity, family background and level of exposure, are not an excuse in maste…


As a child, we all had someone to look up to either secretly or openly. We desperately wants to be like someone, talk like someone, walk like someone (by even practicing the walking steps). The feelings go on and on. If you’ve passed through your childhood days without having any of these feelings, then I will call you random.
When you have someone you look up to, most of your energy is drawn from the accomplishments of those you emulate. Emulation is a strong drive for success, that is why most destiny end up where they are today because of the people they choose to emulate at a point in their life.


Good emulation is like having a road map to your destination. This gives you signal of things you ought to do in order to accomplish all that you ever wanted. Whatever your dream maybe and whatever you want in life has been achieved by someone long before you. Make acquaintance with people who can affect your life positively, study them, and ide…

Is Schooling Different From Education?

I always ask young adults what they are really after. Is it education or certification? Checking the statistic all around the world, you will discover that most students don’t really know what education is. Which is why a common man on the street is always labeled as an illiterate without knowing that the knowledge he possessed supersedes that of the so called educated man. Going to school doesn’t make you an educated person, you are just a step ahead into becoming one. The truth is that most of us that has passed through school actually went for the certificate and not the knowledge. I can vividly remember my parents always advising me; “go to school, get good grades, and get a good job” Securing a good job has always been a principal factor why your parents tried so hard to engage you in schooling. But over time, I have come to disagree with this.

Schooling and education are two concepts that has been widely misinterpreted by all. These two concepts varies not only in attributes, b…

The Agony of Mother Nature

The natural things that exists around us are not just referred to as Mother Nature for noting. From the definition of Mother, we know it's someone that gives life to her offspring through conception and birth.
These nature things around us are there to preseve our lives that is why we refer to nature as Mother Nature. There can be a perfect coexistence between humans and the rest of the ecosystem without any interference. 
What bothered me the most is the rate at which trees are going into extinction in our environment. During any major construction work, nature loses more tree on a daily basis which is so alarming and harmful to our ecosystem. This occure in all part of the earth and mostly Africa. Even the the desert encouraged area are not left out.  I can see tears in the eyes of Mother Nature weeping for the gradual extinction of this lovely organisms. But am happy to know that there are stil few once out there that believe in the preservation of Mother Nature and it's org…